Our Mission

Our mission at Band Kitty is to provide musicians, artist reps, fans, and other supporting organizations within the music industry, a set of tools to better understand what is happening within our field. We aim to bring transparency and accountability with the objective of nurturing a fair and prosperous marketplace for all participants.

Band Kitty Charts

Our focus is to help the music community make a decent living and to be compensated for their hard work. By collecting and reporting data on thousands of the most widely listened to Internet radio stations across the globe, we can provide an accurate look at what is being played and where. As a service to the community, we're serving up weekly reports on the Top 20 Songs receiving Internet radio airplay. While Top 20 lists are fairly boring in nature, they do reflect what is trending globally within Internet radio.

About Band Kitty

Band Kitty was founded and built by musicians and industry veterans to turn up the volume on your buzz. We've got surprises up our sleeves, well beyond Top 20 lists, and look forward to sharing them with all music industry participants. If you'd like to join the ranks of Band Kitty, feel free to contact us, and tell us about yourself and how you think you could make a difference. Oh yeah, check out our blog if you're in to that.